At Performance Vac & Tank Services, we safely haul fluids and oilfield waste throughout the oilfields of Western Canada. Our focus on reliability and safety has turned Performance Vac into a leader of oilfield fluid transportation and pressure & heating services. Our specialized truck lineup consists of a variety of vacuum trucks, pressure & heating units, and fluid haulers.

Fluid transportation and vac services. With a responsive team and a growing fleet of high-end equipment, Performance Vac continues to grow. Our experience in the oil fields of Northern Alberta and British Columbia ensures that we have the knowledge of applicable legal and regulatory requirements and specialized equipment to meet your needs.

Community Involvement

Performance Vac is very involved in our community. We are a part of many associations locally and provincially. We strive to make a difference and assist those in need on a local level, as well as in our daily operations. We are constantly improving our programs to ensure that we are doing everything we can to eliminate danger to the community and give back to the areas that we serve.