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Our Add Ons

Vac Pups

Our Vac Pups are an excellent, cost saving option when volumes exceed the standard capacity of our combo vac or straght vac units.

  • Add as much as 15m3 of extra capacity depending on product density
  • An economical alternative to having additional power units on a project
  • All pups are equipped with hydraulic driven HiPro 6 diaphragm pumps
  • Capable of putting out a max of 250 liters per minute
  • Can be run in conjunction with gamma jet zero entry tools
  • Equipped with a 2″ hose and as small as 1/2″ nozzles for water blasting

Gamajet EZ-8/IV

The Gamajet is a rotary impingement tank cleaning machine that is engineered to rotate in a precise, repeatable and reliable, 360-degree pattern.

  • Full-coverage, global indexing pattern ensures that the entire tank interior is cleaned
  • The versatility in pressure and flow makes it ideal for most large tank cleaning applications

Water Pups

Our water pups are the perfect way to maximize excavation in a day. With a legal carrying capacity of 10m3, they offer great support for large projects or remote sites where easy access to water may be limited.

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