Our Pressure Trucks

Our Tri-Drive units are the most versatile on the road. With 10k and 15k units available, there is no job too tough for these trucks. These units are capable of pumping at 1m3 a minute at low pressure, can haul 9m3 of product legally, and are equipped with a secondary mixing pump.

Whether it’s holding back pressure and launching frac balls, pushing pigs, or pumping to coil tubing, these units will handle it all.
With fully integrated control cab and real-time data acquisition systems, our highly-trained operators can safely and accurately complete and record your next job.

5k Pressure Truck

Our 5k pressure trucks are ideal for all of your in-field and production site needs. Whether it’s breaking hydrates, delivering/ batching chemicals, or pump down work, these units can get the job done. These units are capable of a max pumping rate of 55 liters per minute and can haul a maximum payload of 3m3 between its 2 1.5m3 working tanks.

Just like our larger 10k and 15k, these 5k units are equipped with fully integrated controls to the cab of the truck as well as real-time data acquisition system.

“Performance Vac cares about being an industry leader in customer service. During my career, I have worked alongside Performance Vac on executing many completion and workover programs. They have been a key service in the completion of large scale Duvernay pads to small single well workovers/flowback operations.”

Matt Tourigny – Encana

Dispatch: 1-780-830-0045