Health & Safety

We are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all parties involved with our operations. This starts with a comprehensive HSE program for all of our employees, which affects decisions made throughout the company.

Performance Vac meets or exceeds any and all government legislation for OHSE standards. We maintain our top-of-the-line equipment through maintenance programs that ensure a safe working environment no matter where we are operating.

Our care for safety also extends to the environments that we work in, with care being taken to minimize and mitigate any environmental dangers.

Leading the Way In Vac Truck Safety

Performance Vac continues to be progressive and involved in new opportunities to provide an enhanced safety program. We are currently involved in the development and implementation of the industry’s first Accredited Vac Truck Safety Awareness Course developed and taught by industry-recognized instructor/auditor Lawrence Joice.

We have chosen to implement this course into our onboarding, on-going safety training, and competency program. We are dedicated to adapting the overall direction of our safety program to stay at the top of the industry and to ensure that the highest level of care is taken to protect our employees.

Safety Testimonials


Man-Ex Extreme Safety Consulting

“Performance Vac and tank is one of the very few companies that has recognized and supported the need for well-designed safety training. Also, they are currently one of the few that has provided the safety course to their operators as a preventative effort as they relate to oilfield operations.”

– Larry Joice

Prescient Industries

“Performance Vac has managed to create and maintain an exceptional safety culture and upper management commitment. Due to the commitment and culture they have fostered, it has given the organization an ability to push for a higher standard in health and safety overall. The field level workers have a “buy-in” to safety on-the-job and understand that the company holds an expectation to ensure that all workers get home safely at the end of each day. Safety is an attitude – it’s a choice we make each day. I can confidently assure that Performance Vac has a strong foundation in their attitude to health and safety in the workplace. This attitude is what sets them apart from other organizations and will continue to propel them forward as an industry leader.”

–¬†Holly Rothlisberger External Auditor for Enform